Solution of Realm Migration Error Code 10

When you make a change on model you have two options. You can delete app from simulator and there will not a problem after running again but if you already has shipped your app
to apple store this option is not acceptable for you. The other option is using migration.
This code is a quotation from
Suppose we have the following Person model:

class Person: Object {
    @objc dynamic var firstName = ""
    @objc dynamic var lastName = ""
    @objc dynamic var age = 0

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Taking a character and integer from user in ASM Assembly

Question : Write an assembly program that prompts the user for a character, and then for an integer. The program then prints out “The character entered was: followed by the character, and “The integer entered was: ” followed by the integer.

%include ''
segment .data
  msg1 db "Enter a character : ",0
  msg2 db "Enter a integer : ",0
  msg3 db "Entered character was : ",0
  msg4 db "Entered integer was : ",0
 segment .bss
  integer resd 1
  character resb 1
 segment .text
 	global _asm_main
    enter	0,0
    ;---------------------------- start ponit -----------------------
    mov eax,msg1 ; move msg1 to eax register
    call print_string ; print to screen  msg1
    call read_char ; read a character from user
    mov [character],al; move the al value to character variable

    mov eax,msg2 ; move msg2 to eax register
    call print_string; print to screen msg2
    call read_int ; read a number from user
    mov [integer],al; mov al value to integer variable

    mov eax,msg3; move msg3 to eax register
    call print_string ; print to screen msg3
    mov eax,[character]; move characker  to eax register
    call print_char; print to screen charecter
    call print_nl; move to point new line

    mov eax,msg4; move msg4 to eax register
    call print_string; print to screen msg4
    mov eax,[integer]; move integer to eax register
    call print_int; print to screen number
    ;---------------------------- start end ------------------------------
	mov	eax, 0

Example of Minimization of Deterministic Finite Automata (DFA)

Minimization of DFA (Table Filling Method or Myhill-Nerode Theorem)


  1. Draw a table for all pairs of states (P, Q)
  2. Mark all pairs where Pϵ F and Q∉F
  3. If there are any Unmarked pairs (P, Q) such that [δ(P, x),δ(Q, x)] is marked, then mark [P, Q] where ‘x’ is an input symbol. Repeat this until no more marking can be made.
  4. Combine all the unmarked pairs and make them a single state in the minimized DFA.

Example: Minimize the following DFA using Table Filling Method.

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