Calculating man-month

There is a table which contain three project type we need to  know what kind of project we will create.The value of the table can changes for different company

a b c d
Organic 2.4 1.05 2.5 0.38
Semi-Detached 3.0 1.12 2.5 0.35
Embedded 3.6 1.20 2.5 0.32

There are three steps

1.Calculate Effort

Effort = a × (KLOC)^b man-month

Not: KLOC is Lines of Code but when there are 1000 lines code we write 1. it is important consider that

2.Calculta Development

Development = c × (Effort)^d month

3.Find the people required

people-required = Effort / Developtment  man

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