Network Diagram

  1. Find the critical path
  2.  Calculate Total Flot and FF
  3. What is length of the project.

Total Flot(Slack) : This mean is how many days you can delay this work
To calculate total flot you must consider all activity one by one  the formula is
Late Finish – Early Finish
Predecessor: The work that before must be done

Activity  is your work name.

Early Star is when you can start your project.

Late start is when you can  slack to start your work because your work and other work dependent  together. You can start your work early but the other work need more time so it does not matter  if you start your work early. Also you can use this time if you know which work can slack. For example you plan your project work and calculate work days but while project going on you find a big problem and you need person to solve this problem so you can take  person from this work to solve your problem. So you do not spent more many to solve project etc.

Duration is time to be done your work.

Early Finish is when you can finish your project.

Late Finish is when you can slack to finish your work.

  1. Find the critical path
  • Critical Path = A, B, D, G, H
  • Not: It affects finish date

2. Calculate TF, FF

  • ES = Early Start
  • SuccessorES = Early Start of  the next one
  • FF= SuccessorES-(ES-Duration)
  • Not: FF cannot be negative and FF always less than TF or equal

3. Length of the project

  • End of the table the last finish will give us length of the project in our case the last activity is  H and the project length is 19

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